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Founded in 2009, Jiangxi Hessence Chemicals Co., Ltd. is one leading manufacturer of terpene chemicals in China. Hessence is specialized in the development of turpentine oil derivatives extracted from living pine trees, it has built 3000mts/a pinenes,1000mts/a myrcene and 2000mts/a terpineols production capacity while it has 3000cbm storage capacity. Hessence is supplying various industries including flavors & fragrances, pharmaceutical intermediate, electronic paste, printing ink, painting & lacquer, synthetic resin, daily chemicals and others with high value-added products.

Thanks to the continuous exploration on refinement and differentiation of products, now hessence is one reliable manufacturer who can produce the widest varieties of alpha pinene, beta pinene and terpineol in China. Hessence is dedicated to meeting personalized needs and creating more value for customers worldwide.

Hessence, your reliable supplier of terpene chemicals!

Address:Chengxi Industrial Park, Jishui County, Jiangxi Province 331600 China. Post Code:331600
Tel:+86-796-3511 924 Fax:+86-796-3511 307
Website:www.hessence.com.cn Email:info@hessence.com.cn